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Sted: Raufoss
Utmerkelse: Honourable mention

Raufoss is rich in resources. The dynamics of the Industry Park, Amfi and the council, offers big opportunities for the town. They will be used as the first stages, as a starting point to preserve and develop the other resources.

The goal of the project is not to present an utopic and idealistic project. We must be pragmatic in order to transform Raufoss TODAY into a resilient town for TOMORROW.

The project acts into two stages, TODAY and TOMORROW. It integrates with resources Raufoss has TODAY and resources Raufoss should develop for TOMORROW. The Project will answer to the needs of TODAY in three phases and then propose a development of the Project for TOMORROW in which the three first phases are continued.

The project received honourable mention in Europan 15.

Remarks from the jury

The jury would like to extend an honorable mention to the proposal Today Tomorrow for its joyful celebration of an urban future in which the inhabitants appreciate a novel connection to nature that goes beyond the contextual wild landscapes. The proposal brings forth an integrated nature with which people can engage. Hence, this cultivated nature has the potential to become the new civic spaces that Raufoss is searching for. As such they would be informal, inclusive and non-commercial, bringing people together to co-create a sustainable everyday life.

Today Tomorrow envisioned would contribute to Raufoss’s identity by contrasting industry with urban farming, and extending conventional urban models of garden city to forest city. Yet as a comprehensive proposal, Today Tomorrow lacks clarity and precision. In terms of urban design, however, the proposal’s vision might help to position Raufoss, not only as an industrial innovator, but also as an urban innovator, introducing a future of urban humanity.

About Europan

Europan is an idea competition bringing together European cities and young urban and architectural design professionals (under the age of 40). The competition spans over a two year period in which over 50 European cities and over 2000 teams are involved. The entries are judged by national juries composed of specialists in the fields of architecture and urban planning.

The competition serves a dual purpose: it offers cities and developers new and innovative solutions to local urban planning and development and provides an opportunity for young architects to get commissions by presenting new ideas. These two functions combined create a platform for ongoing debate and research on the spatial framework of the European society.

For more info about the project see the Europan Norway website.

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